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Executive Management Seminars


Small enterprises and family-run businesses need to transform into agile organisations that leverage not only the creativity and innovation capabilities of its members to their fullest potential, but also ensure flexibility and responsiveness to customers as well as trends in markets or technologies. Read more

  • Dates: 27 & 28 May 2019
  • Location: Paphos
  • Venue: Capital Coast Resort
  • Category: Executive Management


The need to innovate is growing constantly today. Customers are more demanding, change their preferences much more often and request tailored products and services. Information corrodes the competitive advantage of traditional sectors (e.g. e-Bay) while knowhow needed to design new products and services becomes more complex. Read more

  • Dates: 03 & 04 Jun 2019
  • Location: Limassol
  • Venue: Curium Palace Hotel
  • Category: Executive Management